Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet. But please join our waiting list for future updates – We are currently applying for our Electronic Money Institution licence with the FCA.

We are creating something new! Our passion is sustainability and some of us come from the advertising space and have identfied an opportunity to help our business customers track and manage their advertising spend, plus their carbon footprint.

We know the market is full of EMIs, but we are doing something a little bit different.

We have combined our founding team’s expertise across both advertising and compliance to create a solution for small to medium sized UK businesses in managing their advertising spend whilst tracking their carbon footprint for each transaction.

As we raise further awareness, we help support our business customers prepare for sustainability as it increasingly becomes the expectation and not the exception.

Once you have joined our waiting list – You will receive updates and notifications when we are ready to launch.

Unfortunately, we only offer our service to UK registered business customers.

Unfortunately, we can only offer you our products and services if you are UK registered business

No we are not a bank and therefore FSCS protection will not apply. We are currently applying for our Electronic Money Institution licence with the FCA . Upon successful authorisation, our customers’ money will be safe and secure, as we will be required to place your funds with a credit institution – This is called Safeguarding.

We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and although there are sustainable friendly cards available, our virtual card will have the least environmental impact – It can still be used globally and as its virtual, it is less likely to be lost or stolen.

Nothing. There are no costs to join. Early joiners will enjoy 6 months no-cost access to our dashboard

We would love to hear from you. We are currently not yet live , but you can get in touch with us either by emailing or by filling in the contact Form on our website. Dont forget to also join our waiting list for future updates.

This is a primary driver for climate change and is a unit to measure the carbon dioxide equivalent that can be released from a select activity which also applies to payments and transactions.

We are registered and headquartered in the United Kingdom. As part of our approach to sustainability, we have adopted a working fully remote model. All our team members are spread across the UK. We do have access to a UK office for any of our customers that would like to meet us or discuss any collaborations. Simply drop us an email:

For now, we offer GBP. Keep a watch out for future new products and services that will include other currencies

Our team has in-depth experience and knowledge of the Advertising sector and saw a huge opportunity to help small to medium sized businesses address the need to both manage their advertising spend plus also capture their environmental impact.

As our business customers’ end consumers now become more likely to spend with sustainably aware firms, we believe that what we are offering will become the norm and help increase your revenue – get ahead of your competitors!

Ready to go green?

Early sustainable adopoters will enjoy 6 months no-cost access to our dashboard

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how do we process you personal data.

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