The Fairmay pilot as Railsr / Payrnet Limited distributor ended on January 10, 2023. 

If you did not withdraw your Fairmay account** balance safeguarded by Payrnet Limited* prior to the termination of your account according to Fairmay Terms and Conditions, we will attempt to transfer your funds to the bank account or payment method linked to your Fairmay account. In some instances we may be unable to process a transfer and you will need to contact Payrnet Limited (who is the regulated entity safeguarding your funds) to claim your balance. Please check your bank account to see if a transfer has been received before contacting PayrNet Limited to claim your balance.

Please be reassured that if your account is still holding a balance after the date above, you will receive an email from Railsr / Payrnet Limited to arrange the return of these funds, via a digital transfer only, to a bank account held in your name.


To claim your Fairmay account balance, please contact Payrnet Limited via

– Payrnet Limited’s web address is

– Payrnet Limited’s support page

– or submit the required information by following the instructions on this link-

* PayrNet Limited is the regulated E-money institution providing e-money accounts (Financial Conduct Authority Firm Reference Number: 900594).
** Fairmay had an agreement with Payrnet Limited to supply accounts to customers who signed up for our services until January 10, 2023.